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You will become a Non-Person" - Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitchute 24 Aug 2021
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PayPal Launching UK Crypto Service This Week, But Community Remains Split

Bitcoinist 24 Aug 2021
U.S payments giant PayPal is launching its U.K crypto service this week. The U.K is the first market to get this after the initial U.S rollout in October last year. PayPal’s move into crypto was met with a mixed response ... Last year, Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos said that buying Bitcoin on PayPal is not like buying real Bitcoin ... .

A Bitcoin Maximalist’s Harsh Criticism Of The Lightning Network

Bitcoinist 20 Aug 2021
The Lightning Network is the reason Bitcoin will be legal tender in El Salvador. The main chain couldn’t serve a whole country without a fast and reliable payment channel built on top of it ... Period ... Friends ... In the comments, Rene Pickhardt, co-author of the book “Mastering the Lightning Network” with Andreas Antonopoulos, exercised his right to reply..

Bitcoin Is The Most Innovative Technology

Bitcoin Magazine 16 Aug 2021
In this piece, we dive into how Bitcoin scales, and the multilayer approach to Bitcoin. Build Your House On The Rock. “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock ... Matthew 7.24–27 ... Bitcoin is an unstoppable technology ... And that means ownership of anything.” — Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

Satoshi Nakamoto: fact or fiction?

Cryptopolitan 30 Jul 2021
This cryptocurrency managed to make all standard payment methods look obsolete thanks to its user-orientated approach ... Satoshi Nakamoto ... The fund was the Bitcoin community’s way of saying “thanks.” In April 2014, Dorian Nakamoto appeared in a YouTube video along with fundraiser Andreas Antonopoulos to thank people for their support.

Bitcoin For Georgia: How To Use Bitcoin As A Nation!

Bitcoin Magazine 21 Jul 2021
Georgia is just one of many developing countries which would benefit from the adoption of Bitcoin. “The effects from major countries' policies will hit emerging countries economically and financially.” -Jack Mallers (CEO Strike) ... At its core, Bitcoin is a great technology that will change the world forever.” - Andreas Antonopoulos (Author) ... (Source.

Andreas Antonopoulos - How the crisis in Central Banking system led to the growth of Bitcoin

Bitchute 19 Jul 2021
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Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor J�rg Molt Arrested for Alleged Crypto Pension Fraud

Bitcoin 14 Jul 2021
Jörg Molt once claimed he helped invent and also said he was good pals with ​​Andreas Antonopoulos after a wild appearance at the 2019 WCC Vegas Blockchain Week conference ... After the story went viral, Antonopoulos discredited his claims and stressed that he didn’t know Molt at all.

Lightning Network Capacity Breaks 1,500 BTC

Bitcoin Magazine 17 Jun 2021
Although the Lightning Network was proposed in 2015, it only launched as a beta in March 2018 ... It generated excitement for the protocol, with some celebrities and influencers such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and bitcoin educator Andreas Antonopoulos receiving the torch before reaching its final destination at the Bitcoin for Venezuela Initiative ... ....

Bitcoin Just Got Its First Upgrade in Four Years, But Why Exactly?

Interesting Engineering 13 Jun 2021
Now, it seems there's more good news for the cryptocurrency ... Popular bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted about the news saying ... Also a big success for the "Speedy Trial" activation method with < 8 weeks to lock-in.— Andreas (BEWARE of giveaway scams!) (@aantonop) June 10, 2021The previous upgrade ... Advertisement. Follow Us on ....

Speedy Trial Success — Bitcoin Upgrade Taproot Set to Lock-in This Weekend

Bitcoin 12 Jun 2021
On Friday, June 11, 2021, data shows that Taproot could get locked-in this coming weekend, as the signal ratio is 98.3% and a touch more than 100 additional signaling blocks are needed to lock in the upcoming soft fork ... The popular bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted about the lock-in period coming up and said ... This is how you do it ... .

How The Top 4 Social Media Platforms Treat Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Coin Idol 09 Jun 2021
Some of the big names in the crypto industry that use Twitter to promote BTC, Ethereum and other tokens include Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood, Naval Ravikant, Taylor Monahan, Nick Szabo, Simon De la Rouviere, Chris Burniske, etc., ...

What Happens When The Bubble Bursts? - Andreas Antonopoulos I London Real With Brian Rose

Bitchute 02 Jun 2021
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My thoughts on Uber - Where Does Most Of The Money Go? - Andreas Antonopoulos ...

Bitchute 01 Jun 2021
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