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TALKING HEADS: Do You Consider The Lightning Network A Proof-Of-Stake System?

Bitcoinist 23 Nov 2021
The idea that it might be a Proof-Of-Stake system comes from one of the original Bitcoin luminaries, Andreas Antonopoulos. “This talk took place on March 29th 2016 at the Blockchain Meetup in Berlin, Germany,” and Andreas blew everyone’s mind when he said that Bitcoin would have a PoW and PoS hybrid system, because The Lightning Network is.

World’s Biggest Podcaster Joe Rogan Accepts Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin Magazine 04 Nov 2021
Joe Rogan, the world’s most successful podcaster and comedian has accepted a Bitcoin payment of $100,000 ...It’s not American money,” Joe deflected, brushing off his fellow comics’ antics. “It’s all in Bitcoin.” ... In the past he has cited popular Bitcoin educators Max Keiser and Andreas Antonopoulos, showing something more than a surface-level interest.

As The World Population Increases, Bitcoin Offers Freedom

Bitcoin Magazine 26 Oct 2021
Bitcoin offers the world population a chance for freedom, despite global growth of authoritarianism. As the world population increases (the global population passed the 7 billion mark in 2011), the percentage of people who live under a democratic regime decreases ... Andreas Antonopoulos once said during a Q&A session. ... ....

Why Is the IMF Afraid of Cryptoization?

Helena Bitcoin Mining 25 Oct 2021
Levine, Jonathan Mohan and Andreas M. Antonopoulos as they dissect the October ...

Discussing The Revenge Of The Nodes

Bitcoin Magazine 22 Oct 2021
A conversation exploring topics from Aaron Segal's "The Revenge Of The Nodes", such as decentralization, declining fiat credit quality, and Bitcoin as pristine collateral. Watch This Episode on YouTube ... CK ... AS ... There's this notion that I believe, Andreas Antonopoulos, brought up once, called justice as a service ... That's what Andreas was talking about.

Pantera CEO Wants a Reminder the Day Before a US Bitcoin ETF Launches — ‘I ...

Bitcoin 11 Oct 2021
That was the top ... In 2017, Tariq Dennison, in an opinion piece published with Seeking Alpha, says a “cryptocurrency ETF would divert attention to price speculation and higher volatility rather than to productive applications of blockchain technology.” Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos has even published a Youtube video called ... .

ETH’s Vitalik Buterin Blasts El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law. Is He On To Something?

Bitcoinist 10 Oct 2021
It seems like Vitalik Buterin was dying to comment on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law. A pseudonymous user posted this unpopular opinion on Reddit ... With venom. For everyone involved. Is Mr ... Related Reading ... The law says..Art. 7 ... How? ... “Art ... There’s also Andreas Antonopoulos, who’s not a Bitcoin maximalist per se, but has been critical of Article 7 from day one.

20 Crypto Influencers You Should Know

Changelly 29 Sep 2021
Andreas Antonopoulos ... Our crypto influencer list wouldn’t be complete without Andreas Antonopoulos, a tech entrepreneur that is famous for being one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and an avid blockchain advocate ... In addition to his Twitter account, you can also check out Andreas’ ...

You will become a Non-Person" - Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitchute 24 Aug 2021
Go to the source via the article link to view the video ....

PayPal Launching UK Crypto Service This Week, But Community Remains Split

Bitcoinist 24 Aug 2021
U.S payments giant PayPal is launching its U.K crypto service this week. The U.K is the first market to get this after the initial U.S rollout in October last year. PayPal’s move into crypto was met with a mixed response ... Last year, Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos said that buying Bitcoin on PayPal is not like buying real Bitcoin ... .

A Bitcoin Maximalist’s Harsh Criticism Of The Lightning Network

Bitcoinist 20 Aug 2021
The Lightning Network is the reason Bitcoin will be legal tender in El Salvador. The main chain couldn’t serve a whole country without a fast and reliable payment channel built on top of it ... Period ... Friends ... In the comments, Rene Pickhardt, co-author of the book “Mastering the Lightning Network” with Andreas Antonopoulos, exercised his right to reply..

Bitcoin Is The Most Innovative Technology

Bitcoin Magazine 16 Aug 2021
In this piece, we dive into how Bitcoin scales, and the multilayer approach to Bitcoin. Build Your House On The Rock. “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock ... Matthew 7.24–27 ... Bitcoin is an unstoppable technology ... And that means ownership of anything.” — Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

Satoshi Nakamoto: fact or fiction?

Cryptopolitan 30 Jul 2021
This cryptocurrency managed to make all standard payment methods look obsolete thanks to its user-orientated approach ... Satoshi Nakamoto ... The fund was the Bitcoin community’s way of saying “thanks.” In April 2014, Dorian Nakamoto appeared in a YouTube video along with fundraiser Andreas Antonopoulos to thank people for their support.